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Chances are you’ve heard about dozens of methods for getting into shape, working out and staying fit. You may have even tried a few. Or you may feel like you’re on a treadmill of trendy fads. Some of them work for a while, and then you’re back to where you started and you’re still not feeling healthy or fit.

It’s more than just exercise. We take a scientific approach that conditions the body as a whole. It’s based on a total health and wellness methodology - we call it The Joe Romano Method.


How does it work?

First we learn about you. We talk about your lifestyle, how you eat, how many hours you work. This is not just about your weight – it’s about your full body health. We take a personal approach because it’s important to YOU.

You get one-on-one attention from our qualified team. You work out safer and you work out better. We give you options to inspire and transform you into a healthy, happy person.

Whether you choose our one-on-one Personal Training or our focused Group Training, you will always have committed trainers experienced in The Joe Romano Method helping you achieve your goals!

Get ready for a life-altering experience that starts with you and stays with you!


Definition of Mojo

“The special thing that makes you YOU, when everything in the world is right. That get-up-and-go. The driven force that is you at your best.”

Let the team at MoJoe’s be your driving force

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